Nirvana Water Sciences Launch HMB Infused Bottled Spring Water At NACS® Crack The Code Experience

Nirvana Water Sciences Corp (“Nirvana”) will officially launch a transformational new product line at the NACS® Crack the Code Experience.

Mark Zettle, Nirvana’s President of Sales, is looking forward to the virtual event remarking “Nirvana is going to crack open a brand-new health and wellness water category during the NACS® Crack the Code Experience next week. Nirvana’s HMB infused bottled spring water is going to be a showstopper.”

HMB (B-hydroxy B-methylbutyrate) is a natural substance in your body that supports muscle wellness. However, our natural HMB depletes during exercise and as we age. With the exclusive license in North America for water-soluble HMB, Nirvana’s new product line addresses muscle wellness head on and is clinically proven to:

  • Enhance Athletic Performance: Helps achieve optimal muscle health
  • Boost Muscle Performance: Increases muscle capacity, and strength and gain from exercise
  • Reduce Muscle Recovery Time: Improves recovery after exercise or injury
  • Slow Muscle Degradation: Reduces muscle loss from aging. Improves mobility and comfort
  • Improve COVID Recovery: Added to a rehabilitation regimen after Covid-19 can result in the arrest of muscle wasting

Nirvana’s HMB infused bottled spring water health claims are backed by extensive academic and medical research that earned the product a GRAS (Generally Recognized as Safe) designation in compliance with applicable FDA regulations. The extensive patent portfolio underlying Nirvana’s exclusive license bars all competition.

Bob Hofmann, Nirvana’s Vice President of Eastern U.S. Sales reports, “Nirvana’s virtual showroom at NACS® will be the first opportunity to order this spectacular new HMB infused bottled spring water product.”