Nirvana Water Sciences Welcomes Ernie Manansala, Jr. as Chief Marketing Officer

Nirvana Water Sciences Corp (“Nirvana”) welcomes Ernie Manansala, Jr., as the Chief Marketing Officer.

“Ernie is a results-driven leader with more than two decades of success in growing consumer brands. We are delighted he has joined our team,” said Scott Narins, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer.

“Digitally-savvy marketing executives like Ernie have the capability to transform a product line into a category-defining brand. As we launch Nirvana HMB infused water this month, Ernie’s expertise in building product awareness and brand value will ensure Nirvana will be the go-to hydration for the consumer interested in muscle wellness and health,” said Mark Zettle, Nirvana’s President of Sales.

Manansala’s expertise includes multiple prior CMO roles. Building brand value has been a hallmark of his leadership history. Prior to Nirvana, Manansala served as CMO to BreinFuel and Outlaw Energy and, among other defining positions within the industry, served as brand manager at Fuze & NOS Beverages (Coca-Cola) for seven years. As the founder and digital and creative director of Kolab Agency, Inc., Manansala earned his street cred deploying social media intelligence to provide brands with an authentic voice to reach and influence consumers and fans to deliver business-building results.

“Nirvana has the ability to disrupt the functional water market. I am looking forward to making that happen,” stated Manansala. “Working with a success-driven experienced national sales team to build an authentic consumer experience, Nirvana HMB infused water will change the way people hydrate.”

Nirvana HMB is infused with my myMHB® Clear. HMB (β-hydroxy β-methylbutyrate) is a natural substance in your body that supports muscle wellness. It is clinically shown to:

• Enhance Athletic Performance
• Boost Muscle Performance
• Reduce Muscle Recovery Time
• Slow Muscle Degradation

Because our natural HMB depletes after exercise and as we age, replacing it is vital.

Nirvana is the only water on the market infused with HMB.