NIRVANA BEVERAGE, infused with HMB + D3

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Pure mountain spring water that helps you transform your body. How is that possible?

We start with the SOURCE. We own 1,700 acres of protected Adirondack wilderness that houses 2 ice age aquifers and 5 natural springs. 

Then we make it SUPER. During the bottling process, we add our proprietary HMB formulation that is multi-patented and clinically proven to maximize protein synthesis your body needs to reduce muscle soreness, boost recovery times, regulate blood sugar and support lean muscle development, and now D3, which is proven to strengthen bones to withstand activity, exercise and strength training while boosting our immune system.


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why Muscle Recovery + Immunity?

performance & recovery:

Hydrate and improve your muscle performance and recovery before, during, and after training. Nirvana spring water infused with myHMB® Clear + Vitamin D3 is rapidly absorbed to provide maximum results.

natural muscle wellness:

HMB is a naturally occurring substance produced in our body to support muscle health. HMB is scientifically proven to improve muscle performance, decrease recovery time from exercise and muscle injury, and slow muscle loss due to age and disease. Our natural HMB is depleted after exercise and as we age. Restoring it is critical to muscle health and wellness.

enhanced with vitamin D3:

Boosts immune system to help fight off colds and viruses. Strengthens bones to withstand activity, exercise, or strength training.

powerful HMB with vitamin D3 combo:

Nirvana’s Muscle Recovery + Immunity contains proprietary and patented water-soluble myHMB® Clear + Vitamin D3. The only water infused with this unique formulation, the patented combination delivers two dynamic muscle health ingredients clinically proven to each provide benefits to muscle health. When put together, they create a powerful and synergistic effect.

pure & refreshing, sustainable:

Sourced fresh from five natural springs, and fed by two ice age aquifers that rush beneath 1,700 acres of protected wilderness. Nirvana spring water is clear, pure, and untouched by human hands. Our bottles are made on-site from 100% recycled PET. BPA-Free and BPS-Free.